Hand In Hand


It’s funny how people think of nerds and technology in the same breath. As funny as may seem, it’s actually true. You see it in movies.The simple truth is many of us have that one friend who is nerdy and usually gets super excited at the thought of technology. We get to see their excitement as they embrace and show their support for a new technological innovation.Watching people as they interact with technology is quite interesting. You would see that love they show for their newly purchased phone, tab, cars, electronics, etc. It’s still fresh.After a while, they start to lose interest or hate the gadgets, especially after it stops living up to their expectations. The flip side is they can’t imagine their lives without all those gadgets. So you see that fear of ‘what will my life be like without my phone or my car?’

I’ve also seen couples fighting and they take their frustrations out on their gadgets by throwing their phones at each other or breaking their partner’s electronics. Unfortunately, they end up feeling bad over the destruction of their precious devices.The point is there is a love/hate relationship that people have about technology. Everything in life is so technologically advanced that it makes you feel that you have to keep up with the advancement or you would be left behind.

On the other hand, you find people who are skeptical or simply afraid of technology and its rate of advancement. There have been quite a few movies showing us how dangerous technology can be.

For instance, the Terminator series, Transformers and I, Robot are examples of how technology could become a total nightmare if not properly managed. Yes, the movies also showed how technology helped people but the focus was more on the imminent danger of technology.One has to admit that looking at technology from that perspective is enough to scare anyone. The thought of technology that humans created working against them is enough to scare people away from technology.

The truth is, this is not just about the movies. There are plenty of people who are terribly afraid of the potentials of technology.One of the main reasons people are afraid of technology could be because it tends to replace people in the workplace.

There are some functions at work that once a machine can do them, humans become redundant.These movies aren’t really farfetched, quite a few people think like that. Think about it, if I have robots or machines doing major tasks for me, why would I need to employ people?Now the big question is, what has Nerds got to do with all these things?

Nerds are usually the first to embrace new technology, both in real life and in the movies. If you see how protective of their computers and other technological gadgets nerds can be, you would really wonder whether they really have a life.Ironically, some nerds are not so fund of cellular phones but that may just be because of how expensive the initial cell phones were.In nerd movies like,Weird Science,

you see nerds build the perfect woman. It was all in a bit to learn how to talk to women, which is one skill most nerds don’t have. Even though their perfect female invention ended up wreaking a lot of havoc, building it was still a cool thing for them.We see a different expression in the Revenge of the Nerds movies, where nerds made a computer- based Music. They did it just because they could.

You see in Hackers how nerds hack into government database systems to either steal data or to just prove that they could do it. Yes, it was fun watching the movie but the truth is we have hackers in real life that can hack into any system and cause real havoc. Funny enough, quite a few top computer analysts, programmers or software developers who work for the government are actually hacker. It is just better to have them on the government’s side of the law than on the other side where they could become threats to national security.

In the Big Bang Theory, we see people who are complete nerds, who only care about their scientific inventions, much to the annoyance of their friends and loved ones. It is only nerds that would readily embrace the thought of having a time-travel machine.Yes, nerds do love technology and would readily take on new technology any day but this is majorly because they are the one that created them in the first place.For instance, people like Steve Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft are complete nerds that created major empires in their lifetimes. They have influenced so many people and have changed the course of technology in so many ways.


Nerds are everywhere. They are the ones who have the technical knowhow and skill to design and create different technological gadgets and other things. They have done a lot that has helped humans and the society.

For instance, nerds designed computers, cars, airplanes, cellphones, televisions and a host of other things. These are all things the society benefits from everyday. Nerds help to come up with new ideas to improve the life of an average human being.

They are the ones that fix our technological gadgets when they are broken.It is this need to be technologically creative that is most likely the reason why most nerds love science and technology.

Science and technology give them the necessary resources they need as their baseline for new inventions.They not only love science in real life, they also love science fiction, either as movies or books.